Ensuring a successful healthcare exchange

Advanced Patient Advocacy works with local, state, and federal governments to convert policies into viable healthcare coverage for uninsured patients. We identify eligible patients and navigate them through program requirements, securing a marketplace insurance plan that improves community health and maximizes government funds.

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Advocacy for Uninsured Patients To Cover The Cost Of Medical Care - APA


Advocating for the uninsured

Advanced Patient Advocacy’s advocates work with individual patients to secure healthcare coverage that meets their unique situation. We deliver the best healthcare enrollment services by educating, navigating and connecting uninsured patients with programs that cover the cost of medical care. APA is dedicated to improving a community’s health, one patient at a time.

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Medical Coverage For Uninsured Patients & Deliver More Revenue To Hospitals - APA


Delivering resources to healthcare organizations

Advanced Patient Advocacy’s expansive suite of healthcare enrollment services secures coverage for uninsured patients and delivers more revenue to hospitals. Our advocacy team consistently finds coverage solutions for patients and increases third party payments to healthcare providers. We help hospitals focus on providing quality care by improving their healthcare reimbursement success.

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Increase Your Revenue by Securing more Coverage for Uninsured Patients

Advanced Patient Advocacy works for hospital’s bottom line, reducing uncompensated care numbers. Our unique, three-pronged advocacy approach makes us a sustainable solution for uninsured patients and the hospitals that provide quality services. We leverage our program knowledge, our technology and our resources to Educate patients about their coverage options, Navigate patients through the complex enrollment process, and Connect patients with the programs serve their needs.