Technology Services

APA leverages state-of-art technology to efficiently and securely deliver advocacy services.

Critical Technology Challenges

  • Integrating vendor technology and provider host system
  • Maximizing efficiency and accuracy of information exchange
  • Ensuring that data and information meet the highest level of safety and security
Critical Technology Challenges

The APA Technology Solution

The Advocate 20/20TM technology platform is a state-of-the-art workflow management system that enables APA to maximize Advocate productivity and deliver exceptional results for our health system clients.

Key features of Advocate 20/20 include:

APA Patient Smart Technology

Advocate 20/20 tracks patients across multiple visits, across multiple facilities, and across state lines in a single portfolio per patient.

APA Work Smart

Advocate 20/20 workflow technology that enables our Advocates to manage their caseloads and support the largest number of patients.  The technology provides us with tools to associate and link accounts at the patient level to ensure the highest level of results.

APA Coverage Smart

Advocate 20/20 has a state-of-the-art database of coverage rules for all 50 states that empowers our Advocates to connect patients to all coverage options as quickly as possible.

APA Connect Smart

Advocate 20/20 supports any number of inbound or outbound data feeds that drive direct standards-based integration over HL7 or custom integration with HIM systems, including: Soarian Financials, Invision, MS4, Artiva, Epic, Meditech, JDA, Connance, AllScripts, Athena, eFR, HBOC-Star, and McKesson.

APA Real Time

Advocate 20/20 has an HL7 interface specification that can transmit notes in real time to any HIS that supports HL7.


  • Improved efficiency expedites our core work flows and gets results faster
  • Improved productivity increases the number of cases and/or claims our Advocates can work effectively
  • A highly trusted data exchange and storage solution
  • A world-class technology team who constantly innovates, bringing our clients new and updated technology solutions
Technology Services Benefits

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