Liability Services

APA has the diversity of skills required to adjudicate complex occupational, automobile, and general casualty cases.

Critical Liability Challenges

  • Navigating complex regulations, fee schedules, and policy limits
  • Identifying all potential liability opportunities given higher reimbursement rates compared to Medicaid, Medicare, and others
  • Reducing the risk of a Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Audit
Critical Liability Challenges

The APA Liability Solution

APA’s Liability Services deliver unmatched results for health systems. APA takes an advocacy approach to resolving liability cases. We go the extra mile to make a personal connection with patients.

Key features of our services include:

APA Liability Advocates

Our unique blend of insurance adjusters, billers, nurses, paralegals, and attorneys have a deep understanding of the jurisdictional complexities associated with liability claims.

APA Workers' Compensation

APA has industry-leading expertise that enables us to deliver superior results on Workers' Compensation claims.

APA Motor Vehicle Accident

APA understands the unique state-by-state complexities of resolving Motor Vehicle claims. Our process is optimized to maximize recovery for health systems.

Advocate 20/20™

Our software that streamlines the liability process by managing applications and the information that is essential in securing approvals.  Advocate 20/20 also tracks referrals, active applications and patient information.

The A-Suite

APA Liability Service is one of the components of the A-Suite. It can be purchased separately or can be combined with other components to deliver even greater results.

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  • Increased liability claims resolved at a higher reimbursement level
  • Improved claim turnaround time
  • Improved cash collections
  • Reduced days in accounts receivables
  • Reduced risk of Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Audits
Liability Services Benefits

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