Enrollment Services

APA has the expertise to guide patients through the complex applications of various health insurance programs including, Medicaid, CHIP, FAMIS, and many others.

Critical Enrollment Challenges

  • Navigating the complex Medicaid and Supplementation Security Income application process
  • Identifying and screening all eligible patients at any Point of Service, maximizing outreach
  • Providing access to all coverage options matched to unique patient needs

The APA Enrollment Solution

APA Enrollment Services go above and beyond simple Medicaid eligibility screening.

Key features of our services include:

APA Enrollment Advocates

Our Enrollment Advocates have the experience and skills to secure the right coverage for each unique patient need. Our Enrollment Advocates work as an extension of your health system’s staff, increasing resource efficiency.

APA Flex Coverage

APA develops a flexible coverage and staffing model that is optimized to each client's unique situation. Our structure typically consists of onsite Enrollment Advocates, Enrollment Team Leaders, Client Directors, and a Customer Success Director.

Advocate 20/20™

Software that streamlines the enrollment process by managing applications and the information that is essential in securing approvals. Advocate 20/20 also tracks referrals, active applications, and patient information and significantly improves the speed-to-decision.

The A-Suite

APA Enrollment Service is one of the components of the A-Suite. It can be purchased separately or can be combined with other components to deliver even greater results.

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  • A personalized and meaningful patient experience
  • Improved patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  • Increased screening rates that result in increased approval rates yielding increased revenue
  • Prevention of future health costs due to Point-of-Service determinations
  • Increased internal resource efficiency

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