Education Services

APA has the expertise required to deliver both an exceptional patient experience and exceptional financial results.

The APA Education Solution


Our unique Computer-based On-demand Results-oriented Education (CORE) is a comprehensive onboarding training program. It includes both classroom learning and Advocate guides in the field.

APA Online

On-demand computer-based training modules are available through a state-of-the-art learning management platform.

APA University

APA employs a "flipped classroom" approach, bringing the classroom to the student through a variety of eLearning formats.

APA Learning Management

Training is available for Case Management and Patient Access staff to help streamline the referral process. This ensures not only maximum revenue recovery for your health system, but also continuity of service for uninsured and underinsured patients.


Enrollment Advocates are Certified Application Counselors (CAC) and renew their certification annually. This certification demonstrates creditability in the process of evaluating eligibility and assisting with Qualified Health Plan enrollment.

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