Disability Services

APA has the compassion required to get disability applications approved.

Critical Disability Challenges

  • Providing a compassionate patient care experience for disabled patients
  • Addressing the needs of low-income patients of all ages with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, chronic conditions, terminal illness, and serious mental illness
  • Securing and maintaining eligibility as a Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH)
Enrollment Critical Challenges

The APA Disability Solution:

APA Disability Advocates

Experts in the complex requirements of the Social Security Administration’s programs. They assist patients through the entire application process, including hearings and appeals.

APA Smart Screen

The industry’s most comprehensive and technically advanced screening process that allows our team of Advocates to maximize coverage opportunities, prioritize payer sources and create a more efficient process for both the health system and the patient.

Advocate 20/20™

Our software that streamlines the disability process by managing applications and the information that is essential in securing approvals. Advocate 20/20 also tracks referrals, active applications and patient information.

Center of Excellence

The Disability services team is centralized in Portsmouth, NH. This allows for a highly-efficient work flow and tight collaboration between team members.

The A-Suite

The APA Disability Service is one of the components of the A-Suite. It can be purchased separately, or can be combined with other components to deliver even greater results.

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  • Managed chronically ill and disabled patients and to ensure that they have access to SSI/SSDI coverage and other health and financial resources associated with disabled individuals
  • Improves utilization management of high frequency patients
  • Maximized patient satisfaction
  • Reduced approval time and increase approval percentages
  • Redirect your in-house health system staff to focus on more mission-critical revenue cycle operations
Disability Services Benefits

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