APA Chosen as a Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Provider of 2018

For almost 17 years, Advanced Patient Advocacy (APA) has been partnering with health systems and patients to provide compassionate patient-centric revenue cycle services.  Well before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was written into law, APA has been partnering with hospitals and patients to maximize coverage to reduce the pressures the uninsured and underinsured populations represent within our health system client communities.  

It is truly an honor to announce that Advanced Patient Advocacy has been chosen as one of this year’s “Top 10 Patient Engagement Solutions Providers of 2018,” by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine.  

This is an annual award presented to leaders in patient engagement and its rapidly growing space.  Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine has determined that APA has the services that can effectively and economically improve a healthcare organization and its patients.

Though the market for patient engagement solutions is growing rapidly, many organizations struggle to identify patient engagement solutions and establish strategies that can effectively help their health systems.  APA has been identified as a Patient Engagement Solution Provider who encourages patients to actively manage their health as part of a broader goal to drive measurable improvements in population health.

Finally, to our health system clients and patients, thank you.  It is through you that APA has the honor of pursuing our mission with passion. 


To read our in-depth expert profile, click here.  To earn more how’s APA’s services can support your organization, please contact Mike Lang, EVP of Commercial Operations at mlang@apallc.com.