Advanced Patient Advocacy to Speak at FAHAM 2012 Meeting

Enrollment Strategies and their Revenue Cycle Impacts

For Immediate Release: Annapolis, MD - September 12, 2012 Advanced Patient Advocacy, LLC (APA) a company specializing in educating and connecting uninsured and/or underinsured patients to numerous patient assistance programs, announced it will present at the FAHAM 2012 Meeting in October. Michael D. Wilmoth, Esquire, Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Patient Advocacy will be the featured speaker for the Enrollment Strategies and their Revenue Cycle Impacts session.

Scheduled for October 12, 2012 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Wilmoth will discuss enrollment challenges hospitals face. Mr. Wilmoth will highlight how hospitals can mitigate the financial risk of caring for the uninsured while seeking to maximize reimbursement opportunities. The presentation will also cover ways to maximize disproportionate share opportunities as well as ways to streamline charity. Mr. Wilmoth pulls together strategies that will change the way hospitals look at enrollment programs and lays the foundation for what needs to be done to prepare for the inevitable change looming over healthcare.

Michael D Wilmoth, Esq., is a principal and Chief Operating Officer for Advanced Patient Advocacy. Mr. Wilmoth has worked for more than 15 years helping patients access the resources that cover the cost of care. His background as a litigator, regulatory specialist and lobbyist has helped influence state and federal health policy. His more recent focus has been on developing programs and creating public-private partnerships that streamline the enrollment process for Medicaid applicants.

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Advanced Patient Advocacy, LLC is a privately owned company that specializes in providing eligibility enrollment services to healthcare organizations in over 21 states and key markets nationwide. Founded in 2000, Advanced Patient Advocacy increases third party reimbursements to healthcare providers by educating and connecting patients to programs that cover the cost of medical care. For more information about Advanced Patient Advocacy, call 877.272.2532 or visit