Customer Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Advanced Patient Advocacy is uniquely committed to our customer’s satisfaction and ultimate success.

We demonstrate this commitment in two very distinct and material ways:

Customer Success Team

In addition to the assigned operational lead, every client is assigned a Customer Success Executive who is tasked to be your Advocate within APA. Their responsibility is to collaborate with each of our customers to define specific “Success Measures” that ensure our business relationship will be mutually rewarding. Every member of the Customer Success team is a highly experienced revenue cycle professional with over 20 years of experience thus providing an invaluable resource for each of our customers.

Customer Success Team

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take our commitment to providing satisfactory service to both you and your patients very seriously. We also recognize that in today’s dynamic and complex healthcare environment the pursuit of perfection is elusive. However, we stand behind our team and the work they do for our customers on a daily basis. Should a specific service issue occur and we do provide corrective action to your level of expectations, you may discount the next monthly invoice up to 50%.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“APA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance and security.”

Kim Peppers

Privacy Officer

Advanced Patient Advocacy

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