Employee Education

APA provides ongoing training opportunities for our employees.

Learn and Grow with Us

Engaging in continuous learning is important. APA’s Learning Management team provides ongoing training opportunities for our employees. Employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge and prepare themselves for the next step in their careers. Learning is provided by both classroom training and online modules.

Learn and grow with APA

APA Learning Management:

  • APA CORE – Our unique Computer-based On-demand Results-oriented Education (CORE) is a comprehensive onboarding training program. It includes both classroom learning and hands-on learning in the field.
  • APA Online – On-demand computer-based training modules are available through a state-of-the-art learning management platform.
  • APA University – APA employs a "flipped classroom" approach, bringing the classroom to the student through a variety of eLearning formats.
  • APA Learning Management – Ongoing training for all employees to further develop their skills and experience new learning.
  • APA Tuition Assistance – APA also supports external continuing education by providing tuition assistance to employees who want to further their education and increase their competencies and skills to grow with the organization.

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