Our Approach

APA is a unique company with a unique approach to revenue cycle management.

Compassion for People

We recognize that behind every patient is a human who needs assistance during what is often a time of great vulnerability. Therefore, the first component of The APA Way is our Compassion for People.

Key Aspects:

Higher Purpose

Although APA is a for-profit company, we have a non-profit culture. We are ultimately motivated by helping people.


We have a unique advocacy-based culture. Advocacy is in our DNA. Because we are fueled by compassion, APA Advocates ensure “no stone goes unturned” in their quest to help patients.


APA’s Advocates understand all of the social and economic factors that impact a patient’s life like transportation, housing, food, and finances.


APA Advocates offer coverage solutions that provide resources and post-acute services, impacting future health encounters and avoidable re-admissions.

Passion for Results

We recognize that health systems are facing unprecedented financial pressures and need a revenue cycle management partner that will deliver financial results. Therefore, the second component of The APA Way is our Passion for Results.

Key Aspects:


Our health system clients outsource their most complicated accounts to us. Resolving them requires incredible tenacity. It is our commitment to work accounts to resolution that ultimately delivers optimal financial results.


Delivering superior results for our health system clients requires relentless innovation. APA applies best practices to optimize our results delivery processes.


APA provides our health system clients with detailed ROI reports on a monthly basis. This metrics-based approach ensures that we stay intensely focused on delivering the financial results that our health system clients expect.


APA is a revenue cycle management partner that will deliver financial results, such as accelerated cash flow, reduced accounts receivable, and reduced bad debt.

“Our unique combination of Compassion for People and Passion for Results is a key element of what differentiates us from our competitors.”

Jeff Gelzinis

Customer Success Executive

Advanced Patient Advocacy

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