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APA will treat your patients with compassion and deliver results to your bottom line.

Our Purpose

Advanced Patient Advocacy exists to "Positively impact lives in the communities we serve through education and advocacy."

our purpose

Our Perspective

While many people gained insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), over 28 million nonelderly individuals remain uninsured.

Many uninsured individuals remain ineligible for coverage available through the ACA either because their state did not expand Medicaid, or because of high premium costs or challenges finding the right resource to help navigate the complex health exchange process.  

In addition, the affordability of insurance coverage, even with financial assistance, remains an issue. The uninsured and underinsured often face enormous and unaffordable medical bills when they do seek care. These bills can quickly translate into crushing medical debt.

APA has both the expertise and the compassion to address the financial challenges providers face in today’s healthcare environment. Our broad approach to identify social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health coverage options for patients ensures that coverage extends beyond traditional health coverage and follows them home. We are driven by an unwavering mission of going above and beyond to help the underserved secure the healthcare coverage they need while providing the financial results health systems deserve.

Our People

Our people are passionate about making a difference—for patients and for our health system clients.

At Advanced Patient Advocacy, we have always believed that genuine caring and trusted relationships are key to delivering superior results.

Our follow-through commitment goes outside hospital walls and into the community.

It’s an advocacy approach like no other.

APA builds deep relationships that go beyond conventional administrative performance. We truly connect with people, which translates into timely, accurate, and efficient processing of applications, and, in turn, faster coverage approvals.

our people

The APA Way

Throughout our history, APA has developed industry-leading solutions that combine our Compassion for People and our Passion for Results. This unique combination is referred to as "The APA Way."


the apa way

“A life of service to others is a life like no other.”

Kevin Groner

Founder and CEO

Advanced Patient Advocacy

It's an advocacy approach like no other.

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