Our Solutions

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Doctor Looking Cheerful In Hospital Room

Advanced Patient Advocacy’s comprehensive solutions offer patients and hospitals more opportunities to identify and secure viable coverage options for healthcare expenses.  Our advocacy team seamlessly integrates personalized enrollment, disability, liability and patient navigation services into a hospital’s front end operations making it transparent to the patient.

  • Our advocates identify and educate patients about available programs
  • Our advocates navigate patients through complex criteria to secure timely coverage
  • Our team smoothly integrates into hospitals’ existing intake and collection processes

Our advocacy approach is patient-centered, comprehensive and responsive.  Our team begins by assisting individual patients as early as possible.  Our advocates are trained to extensively screen and maintain proper documentation, proactively identifying opportunities and minimizing the risk of missed coverage.  Patients are relieved when advocates educate them about available coverage options. This activity significantly improves their overall patient experience, resulting in higher patient satisfaction scores.

Our proactive enrollment solutions maximize revenue for healthcare services, with an increase in patients enrolled in third party coverage programs.