Patient Seeking Advice From the Doctor

Due to recent economic trends many patients struggle to find viable healthcare coverage.  Shifts in the healthcare industry have also left hospitals without the resources to manage uninsured patients through the enrollment process. As a result, communities are overburdened with patients who need an advocate – someone to guide them and help them to secure viable healthcare coverage.

Advanced Patient Advocacy assists uninsured and underinsured patients who need access to quality health care within the hospital system.  Our mission is to:

  • Educate patients about their available coverage options
  • Navigate patients through the complex enrollment process
  • Connect patients to the coverage option that meets their unique needs

The process starts with Advanced Patient Advocacy’s hands-on advocacy team. Our advocates work with patients individually, asking the right questions, giving each patient a voice and gathering time-sensitive information.  Our industry experts, such as attorneys, clinical professionals and insurance veterans, have vast experience in all eligibility programs and can attribute the best possible resource, be it local, state or federal, to each patient. This individual approach makes Advanced Patient Advocacy a leader in securing coverage for uninsured patients.

Advance Patient Advocacy’s commitment to helping patients secure coverage in today’s healthcare market has a broad impact.  Communities see an overall improvement in health when the most vulnerable patients are able to access healthcare coverage.  Our commitment to uninsured patients also has a personal impact.  Advanced Patient Advocacy’s emphasis on individual service helps patients secure unique funding sources and regain peace of mind, one person at a time.