Patient Liability

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Expert Diagnosing the Patient

Advanced Patient Advocacy’s dedicated Liability Claim Management team helps uninsured patients secure coverage through Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits, and 3rd Party Liability Benefits.  Our  liability advocates and in-house Claims Adjusters, Attorneys, Paralegals, and Medical billing specialists work together to negotiate settlements for individual patients.

Key attributes of APA’s liability management:

  • Streamlined liability management for faster settlements
  • Comprehensive patient advocacy that delivers the best financial results
  • Proactive, one-on-one patient services that secure coverage opportunities

APA’s  claim management process collects patient’s demographic and accident-related information to build a favorable liability claim. Our experts identify opportunities often missed during hospital registration, and guide patients through the complex process to successfully settle liability claims.  APA builds relationships with patients and payers, avoiding defensive litigation, resulting in expedited claim settlements and industry leading financial results.