Patient Disability

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Disability Claim Process for Patient under Diagnoses

Advanced Patient Advocacy knows how difficult the disability claim process can be for patients and hospitals.  Our Disability Specialists assist uninsured patients by quickly identifying qualified diagnoses and  assisting them throughout the SSI/SSDI application process. Our team of Attorneys, Paralegals and Clinical Professionals have a proven track record of overcoming obstacles, securing Disability benefits, and alleviating a patient’s burden of navigating through the programs complexities.

Key attributes of APA’s Comprehensive Disability Program:

  • Staff and technology within hospital enrollment that quickly identifies more coverage opportunities and secures more approvals.
  • Advocacy approach that navigates patients individually through the complex bureaucratic process.
  • Our entire team is located in-house– Nothing is outsourced.

APA’s disability services provide the best financial results, through one-on-one patient identification and accurate and speedy applications. We are unsurpassed in securing qualified coverage for patients.