Our Approach

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APA’s Expert Providing Solutions to Their Client

Our People, Process and Technology provide hospital clients with the best assistance in the industry. 

Our expertise is a patient’s peace of mind and a hospital’s business advantage. At APA, we bring an insightful understanding of the funding challenges associated with a growing uninsured market—both now, and in the future.

We put our unsurpassed understanding of the industry complexities, delivery models, financial management systems, regulatory challenges and coverage opportunities to work for our patients and provider clients, creating high-quality customized solutions that make a measurable difference.

No one can match our experience, technology and innovative spirit. When aligned and integrated with your organization’s mission and operations, APA guarantees sustainable results…delivering more coverage opportunities to your patients and improved revenue and efficiency to your facilities.

  • As an industry leader, APA sets new standards for best practices and rigorous quality control
  • APA’s leaders and innovators are industry experts who have worked in almost every facet of healthcare finance and hospital administration
  • Our training program is considered a model of excellence in the industry
  • We use the latest and most innovative proprietary technologies providing quick processing of applications, customized reporting, instantaneous access to data and predictive modeling capabilities