—-Rodney Napier

Rodney Napier
Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Rodney brings an extremely diverse and creative mindset to his role as Chief Marketing Officer at APA. He brings over years of experience in a variety of healthcare-related markets including custom-designed solutions to manage the increasing cost and complexity of healthcare. Having grown up within the industry, Rodney is always looking for a common thread to use as a reference to address a current issue or to use as a basis to explore a new opportunity.

However, he will be the first to agree that healthcare is unique to the population it serves. “The single most important thing I have learned is that healthcare has a very local dynamic, if you have seen one community…you have seen one community. They are all different. Finding the elements that are common among the various landscapes provides a foundation for a customized solution that will address specific needs.”

With extensive knowledge of hospitals, physician groups, healthplans, benefit administration, provider networks/contracting, and risk management, Rodney’s unique expertise in such differing environments is of pivotal importance to APA as we create individualized solutions for our clients.