Learning Management


APA’s Learning Management services will ensure healthcare professionals are adequately educated to meet the ongoing challenges associated with increasing revenue for hospitals, clinics, and physician practices. Let our team of educators keep your team ahead of the curve.

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly and is being affected by a variety of factors, such as:

  • The Affordable Care Act;
  • Individual State Legislation;
  • Transition to ICD-10; and
  • Hospital mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

At APA, we understand the significant challenges hospitals and healthcare systems face in creating a successful learning management strategy that remains contemporary within a rapidly changing environment.

APA has a long history of developing and delivering comprehensive training to ensure employees are well-prepared and able to deliver meaningful results that improve the health and lives of patients, their families, and consumers throughout the community. Education is a core competency of APA and, as a result, we are able to help you navigate the complex network of new government regulations and guidelines, evolving industry and patient expectations, and a workforce that is very different from its predecessors.

Our Adaptive Education Solutions service provides clients with out-of-the-box curriculum modules or customized instructional design based on their education support needs, including:

  • Facilitated training;
  • Webinars;
  • Blended learning options, with easy-to-use, intuitive education products;
  • Customized staff training, integrating clients’ policies and company culture into a curriculum based on industry best practices.

Our “Connecting to Care” curriculum is a resource designed specifically for Patient Access personnel, Financial Counselors, Patient Navigators, and other staff who have direct interaction with uninsured and underinsured patients. These courses are intended to help hospital staff understand how to navigate the complex healthcare enrollment process, as well as which programs and services are available to help uninsured patients, in order to help connect patients to the program or plan that best meets their needs.

With APA’s Learning Management services, your team will be better prepared and ready for the changing road ahead.

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