Kevin Groner

—-Kevin Groner

Kevin Groner
Chief Executive Officer and Founder


After working in the healthcare industry for more than two decades, Kevin came to believe that a strong enrollment program can do the right thing for the patient while also delivering a healthier bottom line for the provider. In 2000, he set out to build a company based on the concept of advocacy, one with a culture that would deliver a “WOW” to its clients and the patients they serve.
“I wanted to build a company that gave every uninsured and underinsured person an opportunity for assistance. It’s the more difficult patients, the high-touch ones, that get stuck in the process. It’s those patients that drive my passion for what we do.”
Kevin’s coworkers describe him with words such as “limitless enthusiasm,” “a true visionary,” “commitment” and “integrity.” Every day, he applies those qualities and more to deliver APA’s solutions to clients and ensure that the high-touch population gets the assistance it so desperately needs.