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Patient Advocacy Team Identifies Coverage Options For Patient  - APA

Providing quality healthcare for all and managing financial risks are not mutually exclusive. In today’s healthcare environment, hospitals face the challenge of treating uninsured patients while increasing revenue for quality patient services. Expanding efficient, effective and economical healthcare in your community means:

  • Educating uninsured patients about all available coverage options.
  • Navigating patients through complex enrollment processes.
  • Connecting patients with coverage that meets their needs.

Advanced Patient Advocacy builds a bridge between healthcare providers and vulnerable members of their community. By connecting patients with viable coverage options and navigating patients in enrollment process, we reduce hospital’s management burden and secure hospital’s reimbursement.

Hospital Benefited By The Team of APAOur patient advocacy team identifies coverage options at the local, state and federal level and secures timely reimbursement for medical services. We base our success on knowledge of third party funding sources, patient technology and an ability to seamlessly integrate services within hospitals’ existing processes and infrastructure.

Both sides win. Working together, Advanced Patient Advocacy improves hospital’s financial performance and changes individual lives. When we secure coverage for the most vulnerable members of a community, we also help hospitals strengthen their role as a quality healthcare provider.