Hospital Enrollment

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APA’s Expert Explaining the Enrollment Process to a Patient

A hospital’s enrollment efforts for uninsured patients are often hindered by a demanding intake process and complex program requirements resulting in a significant number of missed revenue opportunities.  Advanced Patient Advocacy’s comprehensive set of solutions identifies more coverage opportunities by:

  • Screening individual patients to identify all eligibility opportunities, going beyond Medicaid
  • Expanding on-site enrollment services to include Disability, Liability and Patient Navigation
  • Integrating and improving a hospital’s intake process.

APA’s enrollment services are custom and comprehensive.  Our broad knowledge of local, state and federal 3rd party programs gives patients access to coverage that goes beyond commonly utilized Medicaid benefits.  In fact, over 20% of secured coverage is outside of Medicaid.  Our search includes, but is not limited to the following programs:


  • Medicaid (In/Out State)
  • Social Security Disability Income
  • Children’s Health Insurance
  • Crime Victim Funds
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Vocational Rehab
  • Liability
  • Social Security Income
  • Pre-existing Condition Insurance Program
  • Medicare
  • Indian Health Services
  • Undocumented Alien
  • Workers Compensation