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Piles of Files Enlisting Government Sponsored Programs

Local, state and federal governments looking to sponsor healthcare exchanges/marketplaces need a strategy for administering benefits and serving their citizens.   While accessing broad sectors of the uninsured population is a substantial challenge, Advanced Patient Advocacy has an individual approach to expanding government efforts.   Our comprehensive services increase the efficacy of government programs by:

  • Educating eligible patients about government benefits
  • Navigating patients through the complex application process
  • Connecting patients to the best available coverage

Advanced Patient Advocacy collaborates at the community level by assisting hospitals to reach their uninsured population.   We then work with uninsured patients individually to ensure the most benefit for members from government-sponsored programs.


Our expertise is in finding the links between patients and eligibility programs.  We understand government formulas for providing health coverage to the uninsured at the local, state, and federal level.   Advanced Patient Advocacy’s resources enable us to:

  • Collect and organize valuable patient information.
  • Increase connections between uninsured patients and valuable coverage.
  • Provide navigation services and in-person services to patients.
  • Secure an exchange that assists patients and maximizes government funds.

Advanced Patient Advocacy is a leader in PATIENT NAVIGATION.  Our site assistance and healthcare guide services have a measureable impact at every level.   When vulnerable patients secure access to health insurance coverage all community stakeholders benefit.