Government Enrollment

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Advanced Patient Advocacy provides enrollment solutions inclusive of healthcare exchanges.  As we enter a new era in healthcare, government entities are looking for enrollment solutions that are comprehensive in nature and provide individual assistance to those seeking coverage.

APA maximizes the reach of government eligibility programs by collaborating with hospitals and state service agencies – we work individually with their patients to gain the most accurate and valuable patient data and to navigate the right patients to the right programs.

APA’s Enrollment Services benefit government entities by:

  • Collecting accurate patient demographics;
  • Streamlining the eligibility process;
  • Reducing state agency workload.

Our advocacy approach and our knowledge of local, state and federal programs allow us to connect customers with coverage opportunities that best meet their specific needs. Our enrollment services explore programs beyond Medicaid, identifying customized programs for narrowly defined individuals.

A sample list of APA’s Comprehensive Benefit Programs:

  • Medicaid (In/Out State)
  • Social Security Disability Income
  • Children’s Health Insurance
  • Crime Victim Funds
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Vocational Rehab
  • Liability
  • Social Security Income
  • Pre-existing Condition Insurance Program
  • Medicare
  • Indian Health Services
  • Undocumented Alien
  • Workers Compensation

APA’s enrollment services go beyond identifying eligibility.  We navigate uninsured patients through the complex application process by working one-on-one with individual patients and their families, communicating available coverage options.