Advanced Patient Advocacy experts take on a son’s challenging SSI case to help secure coverage for critical care.

Financial Disaster Averted for Patient & Hospital.

pdf-downloadSometimes, doing the right thing and helping people is also the most financially rewarding.

The story begins with a mother and her adult son crying in the hallway of a Social Security hearing office.

Our client was a middle aged man with nine stints in his heart. His diagnosis also included depression, uncontrolled diabetes, and severe neuropathy. With only an 8th grade education, and numerous health problems, he had not worked for six years. Unable to financially support himself, our client’s elderly mother was paying his rent.

ss-mom-son-lgAs part of our Disability Services, Advanced Patient Advocacy (APA) prepared a legal brief for the judge prior to the SSI hearing explaining that our client was physically and mentally incapable of working, and had been for some time. A significant foundation of the case was our discovery that his disability dated back to April 2011.

At the SSI hearing, the judge had a vocational expert in the room and psychiatrist on the phone. The psychiatrist agreed that based on the length of time the our client had been ill, coupled with his depressed state, he did indeed meet clinical criteria. The judge ruled in the patient’s favor and accepted the April, 2011 onset date that APA proposed.

While APA was gratified by the outcome, we were not surprised given our detailed preparation. As we left the courtroom, the claimant did not understand what had occurred. We explained to him that the judge agreed with our recommendation and had ruled in his favor.

As a part of the services we provided, our client received back benefits and approximately $700 per month from SSI. This allowed him to be more financially independent, resulting in his mother no longer having to pay his rent.

In addition to the gratification of helping this family in desperate need, our hospital client received $500,000 for medical care that had been rendered over the past several months. We invite you to call for more details, and discover the APA difference.