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Businesswoman at APA’s Expertise Office

Advanced Patient Advocacy’s expertise is both recognizable and undeniable.

Our team has demonstrated success in the enrollment industry by positively changing the lives of patients every day while also delivering increased revenue to our hospital partners.  This success translates into superior client retention and continued growth.   APA’s unsurpassed expertise pivots on 3 key components:

  • PEOPLE  


APA’s ability to hire, train, and manage high-quality people directly impacts our proven ability to provide exceptional patient and provider services. Our team has created a positive and educationally focused workplace and recruited the brightest industry professionals. Our commitment to going above and beyond is reflected in our people – we have an average employee tenure of over 6 years.  APA continually positions itself for success and customer retention by investing in our people – people with the right skills, focused on the right issues.


APA’s ability to create and support industry leading enrollment processes maximizes our client’s value and satisfaction. Our team has configured their enrollment processes to adapt to an expanding uninsured market and to complex eligibility programs.  By continually reviewing and improving our processes we ensure our ability to provide value within the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Early healthcare exchange adopters have recognized APA’s expertise in crafting a process surrounding healthcare exchanges and patient navigation.


APA’s ability to provide custom technology solutions for hospital clients is a vital component to our success.  Our leading-edge technologies help us better manage data collection, enhance patient interaction and streamline the entire enrollment process.  While technology for the sake of technology is wasteful, technology with a purpose is invaluable.  APA’s technology supports our business philosophy and functions – it improves inefficiencies and produces superior results for both the patients and the hospitals we serve.