Advanced Patient Advocacy assists a mother in health and financial crisis.

As a hospital administrator, you have two things to keep healthy. Your patients and your bottom line.

pdf-downloadDear Hospital CEO ,

I learned about Advanced Patient Advocacy after being in your hospital. My husband owns a small family company and we couldn’t afford family health insurance . The Eligibility Advocate suggested we apply for state Medicaid benefits and helped me with the enrollment paperwork for my entire family.

I would like to commend you hospital for offering this service. This shows me that you are a progressive thinker. I know you have to be concerned about the bottom line, but this program shows me that you care about your patients, too.



Bonnie, a mother of three, came to the ER. Uninsured and in the middle of a family medical crisis, the hospital referred her to Advanced Patient Advocacy. Bonnie is one of over 45 million Americans who seek medical treatment every year without the resources to pay for the services – charges hospitals are writing off as bad debt.

The Human Solution

What happened next is what truly made a difference. Bonnie worried about her increasing medical debt, but her biggest concern was healthcare access for her children. Our Eligibility Advocate met with Bonnie, reviewed her demographic and financial information, identified the need, researched options, and took extra steps to secure Medicaid benefits for the entire family.

The Outcome (Happiness)

Bonnie wrote the letter above, thanking the hospital CEO for the advocacy services he offered through Advanced Patient Advocacy. The letter was a thank you not only for the assistance she received in covering her healthcare expenses, but a thank you for the extra steps our Eligibility Advocate took to secure Medicaid for her entire family.