About Us

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Expert Group For Advocacy At APA

Our people are passionate about making a difference—for healthcare organizations, their patients and the communities they serve.

At Advanced Patient Advocacy, we’ve always believed that genuine caring and trusted relationships are key to delivering superior results for both our hospital clients and their patients. We are passionate about making a difference for people, treating patients with humanity and giving them one-on-one assistance. Our follow-through commitment goes outside hospital walls and into the community.

It’s an advocacy approach like no other. APA builds deep relationships that go beyond conventional customer service. We connect with people which translates into timely, accurate and efficient processing of applications, and in turn, faster coverage approvals. As a result, patients are satisfied and healthier, and hospitals secure necessary financial reimbursement that helps them continue providing needed care to members of the community. Everyone wins with APA’s personalized approach to advocacy—healthcare providers, their patients, and the communities they serve.

        • One-on-one personal screening, no shortcuts
        • Advocacy that goes beyond hospital walls
        • 100% follow-through until approval with the help of our Patient-Smart technology
        • Fully completed, higher-quality applications that get approved faster
        • Qualification of other family members at no cost, as needed